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Yii Framework Development

YII(Yes It Is) is an open­source framework for Web application development which is based on PHP5.It's high­performing web application framework to develop Web 2.0 based applications and it is also encourages expeditious development and ensures to produce extremely systematic, extensible, and supportive web application. It has rich functionalities, rapidity, high end security or appreciable engineering – YII is one of the satisfactory and developer­friendly platform to rely upon and clean and easy designed to use interface.

It is optimized which can be an ideal choice for any sized product and helps to test and debug an application and has extensive as well as strong documentation. YII includes MVC (Model­View­Controller) design pattern and having smart management of Web service request controlling and handling. It's helps to dealing with third party tools or code.

Benefits using YII framework are:

  • It is faster loading and it's also provide widely used technique named lazy loading i.e. it does not include Objects and Classes until it is required.
  • It is highly secured and genuine, as it works on OOP standards which builds it a stronger framework.

YII facts / features:

  • It is an attractive and impressive framework differentiates to other PHP frameworks.
  • In presence market, it has become most popular framework and it’s adoption rate is extending among developers at an stunning rate.
  • It includes of efficient and professional assets, which are free!
  • It is very flexible and intuitive.
  • The major sources of ideas for YII are: jQuery, Prado, Ruby on rails, Joomla and Symfony.
  • It surpasses all other web application development frameworks because of its rich feature set with which you can extremely build up your development productivity.